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This 25 micron screen is made of polyethylene nytex, making it extra durable and reusable.

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SettingsPress Screen removeHarvest Keeper Vacuum Rolls removeIsopropyl Alcohol- 99% removeScissors/Pruners remove2' Drying Rack w/ Zipper Openings removeTrimBin Replacement Screen (150 Micron) remove
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ContentThis 25 micron screen is made of polyethylene nytex, making it extra durable and reusable.Harvest Keeper® Black and Clear Sealer Bags keeps garden vegetables, meats and other food products fresh up to 5 times longer than other storage options. Harvest Keeper® Black and Clear Sealer Bags, when used properly with a vacuum sealer, provide an airtight seal to keep moisture and air out. These bags save time and money by reducing freezer burn and extending the lifespan of your food. Black and Clear Bags blocks out harmful light while allowing you to see what's inside. Saves space and eliminates odors. Convenient and versatile. Product is BPA-free and is made from FDA-approved food-safe materials. Please follow FDA food safety guidelines.Chemboys Isopropyl Alcohol 99 percent can be used for any application that requires absolute alcohol. Anhydrous, and dehydrating in nature our pure Isopropyl Alcohol evaporates without leaving any behind. When used as prescribed, isopropyl alcohol is a safe general-purpose cleaner and solvent.These lightweight anti-fatigue pruners are based on our immensely popular classic Hydrofarm pruners, favored by legions of horticulturists. Their surgical stainless steel blades offer serious cutting capacity in a lightweight package. These snips feature razor-sharp blades, perfectly balanced construction and an ultra-lightweight, ergonomic design. Discover why so many people prefer Hydrofarm pruners to all others.This model features zippered openings which allow you to completely close off each dry rack level. Black storage case is included.Each screen comes with hardware so you can easily mount your new screen. Screens are made of stainless mesh with a plastic coated aluminum frame.
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Black/Black 11"x19.5', Clear/Black 11"x19.5'


16 oz, QT, Gal


Senshi® Bonsai Scissor – 2 in Straight Non Stick Blades, Hydrofarm Bonsai Shears- 40 mm, Hydrofarm Premium Ergonomic Pruner, Hydrofarm Precision Lightweight Pruner, Hydrofarm Titanium Precision Pruner