B&W PE Grow Bag (25-pack)

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A great alternative to expensive pots, these GROW1 plant-safe 5.5 mil polyethylene bags have a white exterior to reflect light and a black interior to prevent algae growth and have pre-made holes in the bottom for drainage.


5 gal- 25 pk, 3 gal- 50 pk

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ContentA great alternative to expensive pots, these GROW1 plant-safe 5.5 mil polyethylene bags have a white exterior to reflect light and a black interior to prevent algae growth and have pre-made holes in the bottom for drainage.Mother Earth® Coco Bale is made of 100% natural coco fiber. Coco pith combined with longer and shorter fibers help to create a soil alternative that has exceptional water-holding capacity, while maintaining high porosity and drainage abilities. Mother Earth® Coco Bales are washed and have a low salt content. This product is highly compressed and expands to approximately 60 Liters of material.GROW!T Perlite is a versatile and inert soil amendment and soilless medium. Use it to aerate soil in container gardening, for germination and propagation of seedlings, for propagation of cuttings, and as a hydroponic medium. Hydrofarm searched globally and went to great lengths to find a source of top-quality perlite, and succeeded-and what we found is offered in the GROW!T line of perlite products. Multiple grades available: #2 Perlite (1/16" - 5/8" granules), #3 Perlite (1/8" - 5/8" granules), #4 Perlite (1/3" - 3/4" granules), and #8 Perlite (3/4"-1 1/3" granules).Grodan Stonewool (rockwool) is made from molten rock spun into cotton candy-like fibers and then compressed into cubes, blocks, or slabs. Where other rockwool brand manufacturers cut all sizes from one batch of wool, Grodan is unique by making different types of fibers. The purpose is to support the requirement of the plant in the different plant stages. Grodan has a tremendous capacity for absorbing nutrient solution while retaining plenty of oxygen for rapid plant growth. Grodan comes in graduated sizes. Seedlings started in cubes are easily transferred to blocks and then onto slabs, if desired. Seedlings or cuttings started in the Grodan cubes can also be transplanted into more traditional planters and growing mediums. Grodan Blocks - Grodan Delta blocks are the most uniform blocks available on the market. They feature improved grooves at the base to promote better drainage. They are available in a large assortment of sizes and configurations to suit all types of plants. These growing blocks are used for direct sowing or "blocking on" of Macro and Multiblock raised plants. AO 36/40 plugs fit well into the hole sizes provided by the blocks. The blocks can then be placed on top of a slab to provide for a larger growing volume. Hugo is the largest of the growing blocks. It provides enough growing volume to support a larger plant, so it does not need to be placed on top of a slab. 8 blocks per strip, 32 strips per case.Pro-Mix® HP Mycorrhizae™ is a high-porosity, peat-based growing medium. This formula ensures optimum growth, especially when high air capacity and extra drainage are required. It is ideal for water-sensitive crops, root cuttings and/or low-light growing conditions. Pro-Mix® HP Mycorrhizae™ is compatible with a wide variety of ornamental plant species, fruit crops and most vegetable transplants. Contains Canadian sphagnum peat moss (65–75%/volume), horticultural-grade perlite, dolomitic and calcitic limestone (pH adjuster), wetting agent and mycorrhizae – endomycorrhizal fungi (glomus intraradices).GROW!T horticultural clay pebbles are made from 100% natural clay. They are clean, pH stable, and offer great aeration and drainage in hydroponics, especially in flood and drain, deep water culture, and drip feed systems. Due to their unique structure and ability to cover a large surface area, they offer the ideal environment to foster beneficial bacterial growth around the root zone, leading to naturally healthier plants.
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5 gal- 25 pk, 3 gal- 50 pk


GROW!T #4 Perlite, 4 cu ft, GROW!T #8 Perlite, 4 cu ft, GROW!T #2 Perlite, Super Coarse, 4 cu ft, GROW!T #2 Perlite, Super Coarse, 5 QT


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