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This is a heavy-duty, refillable pump sprayer. It features an adjustable brass spray nozzle. Capacity is 64 oz/1.9 L. Use to apply most pest/disease control products, foliar sprays, or cleaning agents.

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ContentThis is a heavy-duty, refillable pump sprayer. It features an adjustable brass spray nozzle. Capacity is 64 oz/1.9 L. Use to apply most pest/disease control products, foliar sprays, or cleaning agents.The Amazing Doctor Zymes Eliminator is a revolutionary green solution that kills and eliminates soft-bodied insects, molds and mildews on your indoor or outdoor gardens. Eliminator is a proprietary formula, hand crafted to ensure quality control. Professional growers use it all year to ensure pest-free, mildew-free plants. Many of them have told us that they realized an increase in yields by not having to combat pests and mildews with toxic or oil-based products and that as a preventative they did not see any pests or mildews even up to the day of harvest.Doktor Doom® Spider Mite Knock Out® is a 0.20% pyrethrin formula. This formula is 19 times stronger in active ingredient pyrethrin than any soap-based insecticides and 10 times stronger than any formulations that contain pyrethrin & piperonyl butoxide. Piperonyl butoxide is a synergist that enhances the killing power of pyrethrin and it is not approved for organic gardening. Unlike soap-based products which need to be applied liberally to the plant in order to drown the insects Doktor Doom® Spider Mite Knock Out® kills the pests on contact with just a light misting on the foliage. Apply Doktor Doom® Spider Mite Knock Out® to the underside of the leaves and then fog the room with a Doktor Doom® Fogger. The smell of pyrethrin flushes out and eradicates insect pests on contact.insecticide and fungicide for preventative and outbreaks effective against: Powdery Mildew, Botrytis (Gray Mold), Mites, Aphids, Whiteflies, Thrips, Fungus Gnats 1. Apply this product to well hydrated plants once per week as needed. May be used during vegetative and flowering stages. 2. Spray late in the evening or on cloudy days when plants are not exposed to direct sunlight or artificial lighting for at least 6 hours. 3. Use weekly to eliminate fungal, insect, and mite pressure. 4. Re-entry Interval (REI) does not apply. 5. Do not apply this product when bees are actively foraging. NOTE: As a precautionary trial, apply this product to a few leaves and observe for 2 days. Discontinue use if signs of burning are present. Do not use on newly planted cuttings or on plants stressed by drought. Avoid application when temperature exceeds 90°F (32°C). This product is useful as a component of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.Optic Foliar Transport is a revolutionary delivery agent that delivers the active ingredients within your spray into the plant through the leaves stomata, which increases gas exchange and allows plants to absorb spray solutions. Unlike traditional sprays, Transport can be sprayed on plants even with the lights on and without the need to adjust the spray’s pH.This 32 oz spray bottle has an adjustable nozzle and translucent bottle to easily see liquid levels. It can be used for a variety of home and garden applications.
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