House & Garden Drip® Clean

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House & Garden Drip® Clean is for use in all grow systems including hydro, coco, soil, and peat.

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ContentHouse & Garden Drip® Clean is for use in all grow systems including hydro, coco, soil, and peat.House & Garden Top Shooter® is the liquid version of Shooting Powder for growers that prefer liquids to powders.House & Garden Shooting Powder® contains pH balanced levels of premium grade proprietary ingredients including potassium and phosphorus to enhance yields.Use House & Garden Nitrogen Boost® to customize a plant’s level of nitrogen and keep everything green. Certain strains can utilize this product deep into flowering.House & Garden Multi Zen® unique formulation helps to achieve maximum growth with every harvest.House & Garden Soil® A & B provides balanced nutrition for enriched soils and contains essential nutrients, including a significant amount of calcium.
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10 pack, 1 Satchet


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Part B 10 Liter, Part A 10 Liter, Part B 5 Liter, Part A 5 Liter, Part B 1 Liter, Part A 1 Liter