House & Garden Bud-XL® 0.4 – 0 – 0.2

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Use House & Garden Bud-XL® in the finishing weeks of flowering to improve the plant’s natural flavors in the fruit sets.

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ContentUse House & Garden Bud-XL® in the finishing weeks of flowering to improve the plant's natural flavors in the fruit sets.House & Garden Top Shooter® is the liquid version of Shooting Powder for growers that prefer liquids to powders.House & Garden Shooting Powder® contains pH balanced levels of premium grade proprietary ingredients including potassium and phosphorus to enhance yields.House & Garden Roots® Excelurator Silver is the classic formula that is compatible in hydroponic and recirculating systems.House & Garden Drip® Clean is for use in all grow systems including hydro, coco, soil, and peat.House & Garden Cocos® A & B is formulated to provide the perfect ratio of nutrients while taking into account the cation-exchange capacity of coir. Coco coir as a medium has unique properties that are distinct from soils and hydroponic media.
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