House and Garden Top Shooter

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House & Garden Top Shooter® is the liquid version of Shooting Powder for growers that prefer liquids to powders.


500 mL, 250 mL

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ContentHouse & Garden Top Shooter® is the liquid version of Shooting Powder for growers that prefer liquids to powders.House & Garden Algen® Extract is a premium Norwegian sea kelp blend derived by way of cold-press technology, which helps preserve its quality.Use House & Garden Bud-XL® in the finishing weeks of flowering to improve the plant's natural flavors in the fruit sets.House & Garden Cocos - Starter Kit Each Starter Kit will complete a full run in a garden using 15 gallons of feed water per week with a 2 week veg, 8 week flower.House & Garden Aqua Flakes® A & B provides the highest quality, fully soluble nutrients designed specifically for recirculating hydroponic applications. Provides perfect base nutrition for ebb and flow, Deep Water Cloner, aeroponics or any type of rockwool. Also use Aqua Flakes® in inert peat mixes for best results.House & Garden Roots® Excelurator Silver is the classic formula that is compatible in hydroponic and recirculating systems.
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500 mL, 250 mL


250 mL, 500 mL


Part B 1 Liter, Part A 1 Liter, Part B 5 Liter, Part A 5 Liter


250 ml, 500 mL