T5 Replacement Bulb

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4' Bloom Hortilux Powerveg 660, 4' Agrobrite Grow, 2' grow, 2' green bulbs

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ContentThis 16/3 600V Male Lock & Seal receptacle replaces the male end of a cordset and attaches that cordset to a BAREF, female Lock & Seal receptacle. Male ends of cordsets may occasionally suffer damage from arcing or fried cords. Also, DIY grow room constructors will find this part essential for wiring a new cordset into an existing reflector, or conecting a Hydrofarm-branded ballast to a non-Hydrofarm reflector. The additional 15 feet of cordlength multiplies the options for your setup and wiring.All system- We start with a 6KV pulse rated position-oriented mogul socket—the highest rating of any socket on the market. The socket is mounted on our exclusive All System cylinder and mounting disc which adjusts each bulb for maximum reflectivity. Then we add our new molded right angle strain relief and 25 feet of heavy duty 600 volt rated cable to our exclusive waterproof Lock & Seal plug system. All SystemTM 8' Cord Set with socket for vertical hanging of compact fluorescentsThe Xtrasun series offers excellent performance at a cost-effective price. These reflectors are solidly built, compatible with all Hydrofarm or Xtrasun ballasts, and priced to fit your budget. Built-in 15' cordset Low price Lightweight Wide and bright light delivery Ships in pieces with pre-wired socket—assembles in minutes Reflector size: 12½"H x 19¾"W x 6½" Accepts: Sodium 400, 430, 600, 1000 - Halide 400, 600, 1000Only 9.7 inch high makes the ‘Slim Line’ the shortest 240 volt Gavita fixture ever. Highest light output and maintenance over time. It has the HR96 reflector for the maximum efficiency and uniformity. Highly efficient passive cooling of ballast for a longer lifetime of the electronics. Sealed housing with Gore-Tex® ventilation plug and controllable output up to 1150 Watt. Equipped with Repeater Bus interface which is a double-port connector on the ballast that allows you to directly daisy chain 100 fixtures per string and five strings per controller port to connect a maximum of 500 fixtures per controller port. Accessories included in box: HGC111954 Power Cord US 240 Volt IEC C13 2.5 m/8 ft HGC906014 Gavita Kit - Eye Bolts CB6626321 Gavita Interconnect Cable for Repeater Bus Gray 6P6C 2 m/6.5 ft Accessories sold separately: HGC906051 Gavita E-Series 240V IEC Power Cord w/ Ferrite 16 ft MC2092 Gavita 1-5/8 in Mounting Bracket Assembly Kit HGC906013 Gavita 2 in Mounting Bracket Assembly Kit HGC906120 Gavita Master Controller EL1 - Gen 2 HGC906121 Gavita Master Controller EL2 - Gen 2 HGC906118 Gavita Master Controller EL1F HGC906119 Gavita Master Controller EL2F HGC906170 Gavita Repeater Bus Connection KitHortilux™ e-Start Metal Halide is a new family of lamps designed for use on electronic/digital ballasts. The starting and operating characteristics of electronic/digital ballasts are different than traditional magnetic core and coil ballasts. These differences allow us to optimize lamp performance over the lamp's life to improve results in your indoor garden. Vegetative spectrum for beginning stages of plant growth. Extends peak spectral output, which means the quality of the spectrum is maintained over a longer lamp life. Extends time between lamp replacement, which saves money. Designed for electronic/digital ballasts. Can also operate on pulse start magnet.
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4' Bloom Hortilux Powerveg 660, 4' Agrobrite Grow, 2' grow, 2' green bulbs


Vertical Hanging 120V CFL, All System cord set