Replacement Burner for CO2 Generator

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CO2 Generator Liquid Propane Replacement Burner. Can be used as a replacement burner or as an expansion burner for other liquid propane CO2 generators.


Natural Gas, Liquid Propane

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ContentCO2 Generator Liquid Propane Replacement Burner. Can be used as a replacement burner or as an expansion burner for other liquid propane CO2 generators.The HS-1 from TrolMaster is used to control commercial dehumidifiers. Most larger / commercial dehumidifiers have a “low-volt” control option so the dehumidifier can be controlled by an external humidistat. The HS-1 works and is wired exactly like an external humidistat. The HS-1 is the best way to control your dehumidifiers by eliminating the need to control the high-amperage / inrush current associated with dehumidifiers.Our product is made from all-natural, 100% organic ingredients, which when activated create a blast of CO2 that can reach 1200 ppm in a 12 ft x 12 ft x 12 ft area. TNB Naturals CO2 Dispersal Canister is the best and most efficient way to get the proper amount of CO2 in your greenhouse, tent or indoor garden. This product will eliminate the need for dangerous propane burners and regulating equipment. This brilliant way of delivering CO2 into the atmosphere is all natural and just takes lukewarm water to activate. Each canister lasts up to two weeks and has the potential to double production on all plants. TNB Naturals Enhancer has outperformed the competition in all tests and studies. It’s as simple as that! The Enhancer works of the natural phenom know as photosynthesis and will begin to disperse CO2 within 8 to 10 hours. Giving the Enhancer a quick shake every day or two is all that this miraculous product requires. At the end of the two week lifespan, simply recycle the canister and grab another. You won’t believe your eyes as you watch your plants' health and overall yield increase dramatically.The TS-2 thermostat stations is designed to replace a thermostat connected to a standard HVAC unit. The TS-2 can be used to control most HVAC systems including heat pump and multi-stage HVAC systems. The TS-2 is wired to the HVAC system using the same low-voltage thermostat cable, and has the standard color-coded wiring as most thermostats. The Hydro-x allows separate Day and Night settings for each of up to (4) TS modules, so multiple HVAC systems can be controlled by a single Hydro-X system. The TS-2 also has an adjustable delay time for each HVAC systems being activated. That minimizes high start-up (inrush current) and allows up to 4 HVAC systems to be safely controlled.The all-new Niwa brings the best commercial-grade grow room controllers and smart monitoring system for your automated indoor garden such as; a temperature and humidity control systems, a grow light controller and an automated watering system. Lastly, the Niwa Grow Hub allows a grower to have an automated indoor garden for an affordable price. With the goal of supporting a hassle-free and high performance grow, Niwa has developed powerful software for indoor grow tents automation that enables growers to automate their setups in a very simple way- just by having growers plug their existing devices (such as lamps, fans, extractors, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, A/C, pumps, or heaters) to the Niwa Grow Hub.Compatible with Titan Controls® CO2 Controllers or other 120 Volt controllers and timers. Precision accuracy flow meter—0.5 to 15 SCF/hour. Features heavy-duty solenoid valve. High-quality oilless pressure gauge. Includes two plastic tank washers and 12 ft of CO2 dispensing line. Brass construction for long-lasting dependability and durability. 1 Amp/120 V/ 60 Hz.
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Natural Gas, Liquid Propane


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