10×20″ Square Plug Flat Insert- 50-Cell

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50 Cell Square Plug Insert Tray is the perfect tray insert for coco plugs, regular soil, or soilless mixes for seeds or cuttings. Fits into all standard 10 x 20 in flats.

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Content50 Cell Square Plug Insert Tray is the perfect tray insert for coco plugs, regular soil, or soilless mixes for seeds or cuttings. Fits into all standard 10 x 20 in flats.The Mondi Mini Greenhouse Thermo-Hygrometer mounts to the side of your mini greenhouse and reads temperature and humidity inside the dome. It ensures that plants get the start they need by providing growers with the essential real-time information necessary to produce large quantities of healthy plants. In addition to its many uses in the horticultural industry, the Mondi Mini Greenhouse Thermo-Hygrometer has a wide range of applications, such as room environment, food safety, and pet care. Features Displays current temperature and humidity as well as min/max temperature and humidity history Celsius and Fahrenheit Made from premium Japanese components and technology Specs INDOOR TEMPERATURE MEASURING RANGE: -9.9°C TO 50°C (15.8°F TO 122°F) INDOOR HUMIDITY MEASURING RANGE: 25% RH TO 98% RH POWER: L1154H BATTERY X 1 PIECE (Included) WEIGHT: 25.5 g/0.9 oz WIDTH: 130 mm/5.1" HEIGHT: 30 mm/1.1"Deep, continuous channels and level fit wide ridges prevent water pooling and provide better stability for propagation media. Super reinforced sides and lip with thick plastic and UV protection for durability and long life. Professionally engineered tray-ends add extra strength, making them easier to carry and move. Easy to nest and separate trays.Your Grodan® Starter plugs, Mini-Blocks™ and Gro-Blocks™ have finally found a home. This durable Dutch tray has double-sided features. Use the 78-cell side to perfectly fit 1.5 in A-OK Starter Plugs™ or round Macroplugs™. Use the mesh side for sheets of A-OK's, Mini-Blocks™, or Gro-Blocks™. The tray fits in a standard 10 x 20 flat and keeps the Grodan® elevated from the bottom of the flat. Easily sanitize as any hard-plastic product; even dish-washer safe! This terra-cotta colored tray was designed by Grodan® and is exclusively manufactured for the Grodan company.The TurboKlone T48 and the T24 Turbo Mini System helps you propagate a wide variety of plants aeroponically - without the use of soil or other growing mediums. The System has 24 or 48 Clone Sites that allow your plant cuttings to be suspended inside the TurboKlone where multiple spray jets send a continuous mist of nutrient-rich water solution to the clone roots, promoting the development of a healthy, robust root structure. TurboKlones design helps decrease root damage from pests and disease so your plants can grow healthier. The TurboKlone is your first step in successful plant propagation. Turboklone's patented fan technology helps to keep the unit cool, combating high temperatures that can kill roots all while keeping harmful bacteria at bay. Available with or without the humidity dome.
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Standard- mondi, Heavy Duty Tray- Quad thick


T-48 (no dome), T24 Cloner Turbo Mini w/ Humidity Dome, T24 Cloner Turbo Mini