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ROOTWISE MYCROBE COMPLETE is “A diverse inoculum of Beneficial Microbes and Mycorrhizae which establish soil-to-root relationships that may assist nutrient uptake, pathogen resistance, and overall plant vigor.”


4 oz, 8 oz

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ContentROOTWISE MYCROBE COMPLETE is "A diverse inoculum of Beneficial Microbes and Mycorrhizae which establish soil-to-root relationships that may assist nutrient uptake, pathogen resistance, and overall plant vigor."BuildASoil Craft Blend started with a big workshop full of the best and cleanest soil amendments available. I quickly became spoiled and would use all of the BuildASoil ingredients together and in different combinations that aren't available here online. After discussing re-amending with a buddy and also Nutrient Tea Brewing he mentioned that I should combine every nutrient that we have into a fertilizer pack of the cleanest ingredients for everyone to use. We did it! Craft Blend weighs about 8.3 Ounces per cup  Ingredients all Equal by Weight: Thorvin Premium Kelp Meal Karanja Cake - Terviva Alfalfa Meal BuildASoil Calcium Phosphate Camelina Meal Crustacean Meal Fish Meal 3x Fish Bone Meal Soybean Meal Sul-Po-Mag (Also Known as K-Mag or Langbeinite) Organic Malted Barley Volcanic Tuff Micronized Basalt - Blue Ridge Meta Gypsum Oyster Flour Adding up all of the Approximate NPK values published for these products from the manufacturer and then dividing by the amount of parts we end up with a very nice NPK guesstimate of 3-5-2. Once we get the blend tested we will publish actual results.Rootwise Bio-Catalyst Enzyme Elixer utilizes organisms found in the Rootwise Mycrobe Complete along with select yeast and fungi cultures, enzymes are produced, extracted, and concentrated into a non-living liquid form. This results in an enzyme profile that functions symbiotically with the organisms present in Mycrobe Complete soil inoculant.The Chapin Industrial 1949 Viton sprayer has a 3.5-gallon tri-poxy lined steel tank that provides triple protection against rust, corrosion and damage from denting. Featuring a large 4-inch mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning, brass wand, brass shut-off, brass fan tip nozzle for even coverage, a 48-inch reinforced hose with threaded fittings and Viton seals. The open head tanks have a unique Tri-Lock seal that insures the pump cap locks tightly into place. The Genuine Chapin replacement brass fog nozzle kit consists of 3 discs for a coarse cone, fine cone, and fan spray pattern.3 Types of Compost + Added Minerals. Top dress handfuls across soil surface before/during flowering. Increased Yield is often related to the health of the plant. To have a healthy plant, the soil must be in top shape. Many expensive flowering nutrients are based on sugars and complex carbohydrates that are a waste of money. The Build-A-Flower Top Dress kit is a well rounded and complete approach to flowering. With one top dress you effectively add all the nutrients and micro-nutrients required for a healthy soil. In the Recipe: Oly Mountain Fish Compost, Malibu Biodynamic Compost, BuildASoil #1 Worm Castings, Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Diamond K Ag Gypsum, Soft Rock Phosphate, Thorvin Icelandic Kelp Meal, Terviva Karanja Cake, BuildASoil Pre Charged Bio-char with Rootwise Mycrobe Complete. *All ingredients are approved for organic production. I like to apply evenly across all my plants, will not burn!It was designed based on Logan Labs soil testing and saturated paste testing. We wanted to design a premium plant and mineral based potting soil. Along with that it had to be a compost based soil without any of the low quality ingredients normally in “organic” potting soils. Besides being clean, the goal was that it would test High in available calcium and low in available sodium. After dozens of lab tests and real world tests, this potting soil mix became a clear cut favorite or BuildASoil customers. It was designed to work with all plants by keeping excess to a minimum and balance as the all goal. Because the recipe is so balanced it has the ability to be run as a No-Till Soil with added topdressing or to be run as a highly steerable recipe for organic feeding. Compared to our other recipes this is our most popular all around potting mix. Excellent for starting seeds or full term growth Low Cost High Quality Inputs with Complete Disclosure on Ingredients Mixed indoors in small batches for absolute confidence All Vegan Inputs YOUR SOIL IS ALIVE!! LIVING SOIL DISCLAIMER: We DO NOT sterilize any of our compost or Potting soils during the manufacturing process and as a result it will contain a plethora of life. This could be beneficial mites, fungus and microbes as well as, from time to time, unwanted fungus gnats. While we do our best to keep anything unwanted to a minimum we cannot guarantee it. We always recommend purchasing beneficial insects to combat this possibility and/or learning best practices to avoid population explosion.
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4 oz, 8 oz


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