Rootwise Bio-Phos – Biological Bloom Support

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A full-spectrum soil inoculant formulated with an emphasis on microbes which mobilize Phosphorus in all soils.


4 oz, 8 oz

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ContentA full-spectrum soil inoculant formulated with an emphasis on microbes which mobilize Phosphorus in all soils.Contains: Organically Fed, Humanely Treated Outdoor raised Dairy cow manure, straw, vineyard wood chips, and biodynamic concentrations of yarrow, chamomile, valerian, stinging nettle, dandelion, and oak bark. Mix 2 inches of Malibu Compost with native soil every couple of months Saves water and reduces erosionLooking for Diversity in your Compost Tea Brew??? .... Then grab your ladies a 6 pack!!! The BuildASoil Home Brew 6 Pack is available in 1/2 Gallon or 2 Gallon packs and include the following composts: Worm Castings Chicken Manure Pellets Oly Mountain Fish Compost Colorado Pinto Bean Compost BuildAFlower Malibu CompostBuildABloom is BuildASoil's long awaited amino acid formula for flowering plants. Most companies will offer a bone meal, guano or phosphoric acid product for their flowering line up, but we didn't want to go that route! After years of searching we teamed up with a manufacturer that we really trust and found a way to use ingredients that we respect. The reason it works? The premium vegan non-gmo soy aminos help chelate the micronized minerals and make the phosphorus, potassium and calcium more readily available. The results are dramatic! You'll experience bigger, denser and sweeter flowers and you'll know exactly why. Build A BloomÂColorado Worm Company provides ultra-quality, tea-grade, vermi-dynamic compost containing very generous amounts of exchangeable cations. COWOCO vermi-compost is also high in naturally occurring trace elements and minerals. Our small-batch compost boasts a 10:1 carbon to nitrogen ratio along with a plethora of life which MIGHT include: Red Wigglers(Eisenia fetida), Red Wiggler Cocoons, Predator Mites(Hypoaspis miles), Rove Beetles, and small amounts of Springtails. Worm crafted on our small family horse farm in Western Colorado, COWOCO strives to produce only the most organic, highest quality, most available soil amendment on the market. Our privileged worms are fed a highly mineralized diet of Rootwise inoculated, bio-dynamic, fully finished compost along with native soils, native snowmelt river water, and local glacial rock dust. From our family to yours, cheers to happy, healthy, super productive gardening. We'll help make your green thumb.....greener!Looking for mulch but don't have a farm in your backyard? We have access to an abundance of straw and are happy to ship you some for your small garden. Larger gardens will benefit from sourcing locally. This barley straw is not certified organic but comes from a local farm. There isn't a need to spray for pests and most of the local farms use chicken manure as the cheapest means to fertilize etc. There will be some foreign dried plant material as there always is with any straw bales. Approximate measurements: 2 Gallon Bag - Good for 1-3 plants 1/2 Cubic Foot Bag - Good for 5-10 Plants 1 Cubic Foot Bag - Good for 6-12 Plants 20 lb Box (Fluffed) - This is a 30x18x18 box is uncompressed barley straw from our compressed bales. 35 lb Box - This is a 30x18x18 box that we stuff full of compressed barley straw.
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4 oz, 8 oz


2 gallon bags, 1/2 gal bags


1 lb, 5 LB