Rice Hulls – Par Boiled Organic

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Use as mulch layer to prevent fungus gnats, or as a perlite substitute in your potting mix

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ContentUse as mulch layer to prevent fungus gnats, or as a perlite substitute in your potting mixLooking for Diversity in your Compost Tea Brew??? .... Then grab your ladies a 6 pack!!! The BuildASoil Home Brew 6 Pack is available in 1/2 Gallon or 2 Gallon packs and include the following composts: Worm Castings Chicken Manure Pellets Oly Mountain Fish Compost Colorado Pinto Bean Compost BuildAFlower Malibu CompostFormula EM-5 is a versatile tool in your garden and is typically home made. We realized that most gardeners needed Formula EM-5 when it was already too late for them to start brewing it all up and fermenting it. After we realized this we set out to create a product that would only include the very best ingredients and be shelf stable. Below we provide the recipe to make your own for free but have found that most people prefer to purchase our Pre-Made and Shelf stable version instead. Ingredients in our Formula EM-5: Purified Water, Organic EM-1, Organic Apple Juice Concentrate, Organic Grape Alcohol, Organic Yucca Extract, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil. This is safe to spray on flowers when diluted and is best used throughout the growing season.This pumpkin extract is made with love on a small farm in Paonia Colorado using natural probiotic farming practices. Why Use? Since starting BuildASoil we've been preaching DIY techniques. This particular fermented plant extract is made from pumpkins along with the whole plant, and all the information we have about fermenting your own extracts suggests that you should start with the part of the plant that you wish to grow. For instance, if you wish to get faster vegetative growth you would ferment fast growing green leaves to feed to your plants. However, if you wished to grow bigger flowers, you should ferment flowers to feed to your plants. It is with this idea, we fermented pumpkin plants and flowers to be used as an all natural bloom booster for your garden.Discover how our Kashi Blend, a diverse grain bokashi, can jumpstart your gardening and composting efforts! Growing Organic This Fermented Plant Extract is made by Growing Organic on their family farm. It's made with love in small batches by growers for growers. The attention to detail and phenomenal quality of fermentation has me really excited to share these products
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