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Discover how our Kashi Blend, a diverse grain bokashi, can jumpstart your gardening and composting efforts! Growing Organic

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ContentDiscover how our Kashi Blend, a diverse grain bokashi, can jumpstart your gardening and composting efforts! Growing Organic Key Points: The Lignin's in Aloe Vera allow the plants to utilize the nutrient and moisture supply more efficiently with less stress on the plant. Plants grow healthier, larger and greener due to the plants ability to better use the UV rays from the sun allowing photosynthesis to take place more efficiently. Does not alter the genetic makeup of the plant. Organically grown product. Proven and documented by Texas A&M. The new aloe vera stabilization process is critical to obtain the result listed here. The first patent I was awarded was the hand filleted method. The rind was discarded and only the fillet was used. After 38 years it was discovered that a large percentage of the actives in the aloe vera plant were being thrown away with the rind. In 1962 I developed and patented the whole leaf method to stabilize the gel. Clinical studies showed this process to be superior to the hand filleted method of processing. In 1984, I received a third patent to process aloe vera to create a product to stimulate plant growth by processing the aloe vera leaves differently. It should be noted that this whole leaf aloe vera product can not be consumed orally. It is for plants only.Rootwise Bio-Catalyst Enzyme Elixer utilizes organisms found in the Rootwise Mycrobe Complete along with select yeast and fungi cultures, enzymes are produced, extracted, and concentrated into a non-living liquid form. This results in an enzyme profile that functions symbiotically with the organisms present in Mycrobe Complete soil inoculant.A full-spectrum soil inoculant formulated with an emphasis on microbes which mobilize Phosphorus in all soils.Description The patented EarthBox, developed by commercial farmers and proven in the lab and on the farm, is now available in an EarthBox Organic Garden Kit. This maintenance-free, award-winning, high-tech growing system controls soil conditions, eliminates guesswork and more than doubles the yield of a conventional garden, requiring less fertilizer, less water and virtually no effort in the process. The kit includes an EarthBox, aeration screen, fill tube, mulch covers and you can order Casters Separate. Gardeners just supply soil, plants and water! Don't forget to get your EarthBox Accessories! Useful Info All plastic components are durable, food-safe, and UV-stabilized. Holds 2.0 cu. ft. of peat-based growing media, and 3 gallons of water. Measures 29" L x 11" H x14" W/D. Includes our One-Year Satisfaction Guarantee. Made in the U.S.A. How To Use The EarthBox manufacturers say that the product is designed to hold 2 cu ft of soil. We recommend filling it with our living organic soil. NOTICE: The Earthbox will hold about 10 gallons of soil and can be mounded to hold even more, that being said, our 2 cubic feet of soil is closer to 15 gallons and just won't fit inside the container, you'll need about 1 - 1.5 bags of our living organic soil to fill one container depending on what you want to top dress with.BuildASoil Craft Blend started with a big workshop full of the best and cleanest soil amendments available. I quickly became spoiled and would use all of the BuildASoil ingredients together and in different combinations that aren't available here online. After discussing re-amending with a buddy and also Nutrient Tea Brewing he mentioned that I should combine every nutrient that we have into a fertilizer pack of the cleanest ingredients for everyone to use. We did it! Craft Blend weighs about 8.3 Ounces per cup  Ingredients all Equal by Weight: Thorvin Premium Kelp Meal Karanja Cake - Terviva Alfalfa Meal BuildASoil Calcium Phosphate Camelina Meal Crustacean Meal Fish Meal 3x Fish Bone Meal Soybean Meal Sul-Po-Mag (Also Known as K-Mag or Langbeinite) Organic Malted Barley Volcanic Tuff Micronized Basalt - Blue Ridge Meta Gypsum Oyster Flour Adding up all of the Approximate NPK values published for these products from the manufacturer and then dividing by the amount of parts we end up with a very nice NPK guesstimate of 3-5-2. Once we get the blend tested we will publish actual results.
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