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This Fermented Plant Extract is made by Growing Organic on their family farm. It’s made with love in small batches by growers for growers. The attention to detail and phenomenal quality of fermentation has me really excited to share these products

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ContentThis Fermented Plant Extract is made by Growing Organic on their family farm. It's made with love in small batches by growers for growers. The attention to detail and phenomenal quality of fermentation has me really excited to share these productsThis kit was perfectly designed to re-amend your soil after your first grow cycle and every time there after.Looking for mulch but don't have a farm in your backyard? We have access to an abundance of straw and are happy to ship you some for your small garden. Larger gardens will benefit from sourcing locally. This barley straw is not certified organic but comes from a local farm. There isn't a need to spray for pests and most of the local farms use chicken manure as the cheapest means to fertilize etc. There will be some foreign dried plant material as there always is with any straw bales. Approximate measurements: 2 Gallon Bag - Good for 1-3 plants 1/2 Cubic Foot Bag - Good for 5-10 Plants 1 Cubic Foot Bag - Good for 6-12 Plants 20 lb Box (Fluffed) - This is a 30x18x18 box is uncompressed barley straw from our compressed bales. 35 lb Box - This is a 30x18x18 box that we stuff full of compressed barley straw.Formula EM-5 is a versatile tool in your garden and is typically home made. We realized that most gardeners needed Formula EM-5 when it was already too late for them to start brewing it all up and fermenting it. After we realized this we set out to create a product that would only include the very best ingredients and be shelf stable. Below we provide the recipe to make your own for free but have found that most people prefer to purchase our Pre-Made and Shelf stable version instead. Ingredients in our Formula EM-5: Purified Water, Organic EM-1, Organic Apple Juice Concentrate, Organic Grape Alcohol, Organic Yucca Extract, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil. This is safe to spray on flowers when diluted and is best used throughout the growing season.Description Use This Pumice As Direct Replacement For Perlite Last Longer Than Perlite & Has More Minerals 3/8" x 1/4" Pumice is perfect for potting soil. Pumice is created when super-heated, highly pressurized rock is violently ejected from a volcano. The unusual foamy configuration of pumice happens because of simultaneous rapid cooling and rapid depressurization. Pumice is a natural, lightweight, volcanic material widely used in horticulture and hydroponics. The porosity of Pumice provides an abundance of air space maintaining aerobic conditions around the roots. The inert nature allows fertilization to be controlled in a very exact manner. The porous nature and natural surface tension around the outside of the Pumice particles allow it to hold water yet retain sufficient air space to optimize drainage and promote strong root growth. Its insulating properties increase the temperature of the plant food favoring plant nutrition and growth. Because of its chemical and physical properties, Pumice promotes excellent nutrition distribution, strong root development and excellent plant growth. The absorbency of Pumice allows it to retain moisture and nutrients. The gradual release of the moisture and nutrients enables a considerable reduction in irrigation time. Because BuildASoil Pumice is mined, it is clean and free of disease spores and weed seeds, which is an advantage over river pumice. • Optimizes drainage • Retains and evenly distributes moisture and nutrients • Promotes strong root growth • Improves root aeration • Low Heavy Metals • Does not contain clay or organic material (i.e. montmorillonite, illite, kaolinite) • Minimizes root diseases • Clean from disease or weed seeds and environmentally friendlyKey Points: The Lignin's in Aloe Vera allow the plants to utilize the nutrient and moisture supply more efficiently with less stress on the plant. Plants grow healthier, larger and greener due to the plants ability to better use the UV rays from the sun allowing photosynthesis to take place more efficiently. Does not alter the genetic makeup of the plant. Organically grown product. Proven and documented by Texas A&M. The new aloe vera stabilization process is critical to obtain the result listed here. The first patent I was awarded was the hand filleted method. The rind was discarded and only the fillet was used. After 38 years it was discovered that a large percentage of the actives in the aloe vera plant were being thrown away with the rind. In 1962 I developed and patented the whole leaf method to stabilize the gel. Clinical studies showed this process to be superior to the hand filleted method of processing. In 1984, I received a third patent to process aloe vera to create a product to stimulate plant growth by processing the aloe vera leaves differently. It should be noted that this whole leaf aloe vera product can not be consumed orally. It is for plants only.
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