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Individual Blumat brand dripper stakes. Each stake easily and securely holds a distribution dripper.

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ContentIndividual Blumat brand dripper stakes. Each stake easily and securely holds a distribution dripper.Conventional Garden Hose Adapter for a 3/4" Female Hose Thread to 8mm Barbed Insert, easiest way to connect your 8mm tubing to a conventional hose or any 3/4" male hose outlet. Extremely hard to find anywhere but we managed to find it internationally and have it shipped to us. This is product to save you a hardware trip, added to our website for your inconvenience.These shut-off (or on/off) valves from Blumat brand are the quarter-turn valves you've been looking for! These valves are ideal for blumat watering systems. They can be installed in-line in any 8mm tubing, but we recommend super-flex. Simply remove the collar, and place the collar over the 8mm tubing. Then slide the tubing over the 8mm barb, screw on the threaded collar, and you are in a perfect position to irrigate your plants!The BluSoak Drip Tape 10' Plant Ring is a pre assembled unit ready to be connected to your Blumat sensor and is ideal for larger pots that need more water coverage. A 10' soaker hose ready to plug into a Blumat sensor - just push the tubing into the Blumat output hose and wind around the area you'd like to keep moist. Distribution drippers are less expensive in small pots, this one less expensive in larger ones. Keeping more of the potting mix moist lets more roots grow and in effect gives you a much larger pot for the same pot and planting mix cost. This product comes with: 1 BluSoak to 3mm adapter 1 BluSoak End Plug 1 Distribution Dripper 10' of BluSoak 2.0 Drip TapeThese are great for watering long plant beds, planter boxes, and giving large plants an even amount of water in a circle around them. They connect to a Tropf-Blumat or a Maxi.This is less expensive than adding more sensors but you may need to add a filter to your system if you use nutrients in your water so they don't clog. This pack contains 10 distributors and 2 meters of (6.5 feet) of 3mm drip tubing. Two nozzles allow you to connect tubing on both sides of the dripper for up to five drip locations from one Tropf-Blumat (dripper chain). The end-distributor dripper has a drip nozzle on one side only for use as the end piece in a dripper chain. You can go as far as 100 cm (39") from the sensor with these and they water about 20 cm wide (8"). Minimum pressure to use them like this is 4.5 psi. You can go down as low as 2 psi but the last dripper or two might not put out much water. By adjusting the black screw on the top, you can use more. In pressure systems, customers report successfully using as many as 25 with just one Blumat sensor. Set includes: 10 distribution drippers (8 regular + 2 end drippers) 2 meters (6.5 ft) 3mm drip tubeThe Tropf-Blumat Maxi acts as a regulator and dripper, just like the standard 5” Tropf-Blumat. This one is 9 inches long though. You put it in the ground 6 - 7.5 inches so it senses the moisture at a deeper level. This is important when your plants get bigger because the regular Blumat sensor might turn the water off too soon. This one might turn it off too soon if your plant still has surface roots. Some growers use both - especially if they are growing in coco or a hydroponic system. The Tropf-Blumat (Drip-Blumat) is a sensor that supplies plants with drips of water via thin tubing. As the soil dries, its natural suction power triggers the opening of the Tropf Blumat allowing the water to flow. When the soil is sufficiently moist, the Tropf Blumat automatically stops. The system functions fully automatically. Every plant, every container or group of plants requires at least 1 Tropf-Blumat adjusted to the individual needs of the plant. Larger containers or surfaces require longer or more than one sensor.
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