Blumat adapter Tee – 3mm x 3mm to 1/4″

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This fitting is really good if you would like to water on both sides of a row of plants, around two large plants near each other, or to go in two separate directions from one 1/4″ drip line.

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ContentThis fitting is really good if you would like to water on both sides of a row of plants, around two large plants near each other, or to go in two separate directions from one 1/4" drip line.These tees are great for branching a side line of Blumats off in a different direction. They're also really good for the middle of a loop in a hydroponic and/or grow room. If you use one of these and a valve, it makes it easy to let air and sediment out before it can cause problems.High quality, easy to use bulkhead fittings that automatically stop the water at both ends when a line is disconnected. Just a quick twist connects or disconnects supply tubing. Great for flushing -- quickly change from a reservoir with nutrients to one with just water. Also very helpful if you use different nutrients at different times. We also have adapters so you can connect these to 3mm or 1/4" line.Connect a blumat system to a rain barrel or water storage tank. Just screw half on the inside of the tank, the other on the outside. The nipple connects to the standard blumat 8 mm water supply/feed line. You can either start with one of these bulkheads, or a blumat pressure reducer--either of these fittings will "start" your blumat watering system. blumat Classic Jr and blumat xl do not require either. Use 1/2" drill bit to puncture hole.The BluSoak 2.0 when placed on the surface of soil or another growing medium ensures effective irrigation. This tape can be connected to Tropf Blumats and requires no electricity, batteries, timers or controllers. Without electricity, batteries, timers or controllers; BluSoak 2.0 connected to a Tropf Blumat will assure automatic, even irrigation while minimizing water and nutrient use. It saves time, water, labor, and nutrients while increasing yields and plant health.Each Tropf Blumat can control 5 of these distribution drippers and saturate a 40" length - either in a row or around a large plant. In a pressure system, by adjusting the black screw, it's possible to do more than 5 but with a gravity system, usually better to stay with 2-3. If your plants and conditions are the same, you can also put one Tropf Blumat in the first pot with one distribution dripper and one or two in each plant after that. One customer reported doing this successfully with 25 distribution drippers running off just one Blumat sensor.
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