3mm Blumat Tees

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Use these to branch out and run distribution drippers in two directions.
You can also put them directly into a 1/2″ or 3/4″ drip line and install two Blumat sensors.

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ContentUse these to branch out and run distribution drippers in two directions. You can also put them directly into a 1/2" or 3/4" drip line and install two Blumat sensors.This is the tubing used to connect Blumat components to your water source. It's an 8 mm European style. You can also use US-style 5/16" drip tube but it's hard to find. It's less expensive but isn't nearly as flexible. To make it easier to connect to fittings, dip tubing into hot water and then proceed to fit fitting into it. For disconnecting, pour hot water over fitting and pull, or simply cut into tubing with knife and slide off. Want easier to use supply tubing? Our high quality super-flex is ideal for being able to quickly connect and disconnect tubing, no water or cutting needed.High quality, easy to use bulkhead fittings that automatically stop the water at both ends when a line is disconnected. Just a quick twist connects or disconnects supply tubing. Great for flushing -- quickly change from a reservoir with nutrients to one with just water. Also very helpful if you use different nutrients at different times. We also have adapters so you can connect these to 3mm or 1/4" line.Connect your Blu Carrot Soaker Hose to a 3mm Blumat line quickly and easily with this adapter. This allows you to connect a Blumat sensor to your BluSoak 2.0 Drip Tape to allow it to detect when the soil is wet enough, and stop feeding the BluSoak with water. When the soil dries near the carrots, then the Blumat carrot (sensor) will begin to feed water back in to the BluSoak line. If the BluSoak isn't close enough to the sensor, make sure to use a distribution dripper (IG15557) in between the sensor and this fitting (example picture shown in third image).The Tropf-Blumat (Tropf means drip in German) is a sensor that automatically supplies plants water through its thin tubing. This ceramic cone employs the principle of hydrostatic pressure, that delivers water extremely slowly, and at the plant’s own preferred rate. Allowing each plant to determine its own irrigation schedule.The BluSoak Drip Tape 10' Plant Ring is a pre assembled unit ready to be connected to your Blumat sensor and is ideal for larger pots that need more water coverage. A 10' soaker hose ready to plug into a Blumat sensor - just push the tubing into the Blumat output hose and wind around the area you'd like to keep moist. Distribution drippers are less expensive in small pots, this one less expensive in larger ones. Keeping more of the potting mix moist lets more roots grow and in effect gives you a much larger pot for the same pot and planting mix cost. This product comes with: 1 BluSoak to 3mm adapter 1 BluSoak End Plug 1 Distribution Dripper 10' of BluSoak 2.0 Drip Tape
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